Wooden summer house

Woodpro is known as the wooden summer house specialist. Our employees are ready for you every working day. In addition, we can provide advice on the construction of a log cabin, but also on the type of garden house that suits you best and how you can design your house. In addition to our specialists, there is also a styling specialist available so that you can always choose the right house that fits your garden.

Buying a garden house requires a lot of orientation, but the Fonteyn staff will assist you throughout the ride.

You have your own taste and style. Specific garden sheds belong to every specific taste. Fortunately, we at WoodPro have a very extensive range.

From a sleek gazebo to a traditional log cabin. Maybe you will use your garden shed as storage space. That is fine! But we also have garden houses that are suitable as an additional office, studio or even as a guesthouse.

In addition to your garden shed, also consider matching garden furniture in the form of a lounge set. In this way you make your garden complete.

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